Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Update on Where We Are Going

As we are ending the third nine weeks at school this week and then going into spring break, I am taking the opportunity to really sit down with some colored pencils and outline where I want this book to progress, making the individual character arcs, their links, etc. It is a remarkably dense process, but one I really hope will enable my writing to move more smoothly, and enable the multiple story lines to be more coherent and flowing, and consistent with one another. I doubt enough folks are following these installments closely enough to be really disappointed, but if you are reading this, rest assured that work is being done, just behind the scenes. I never realized before how much non-narrative structure had to exist behind fiction, as I never wrote much of it before. Pretty neat process, just not always producing something that would entertain. Have a good one.

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    Yo. I'ma callin' you out. This here's a challenge.

    I am challenging you to make a post about the TEN MOVIES THAT HAVE INFLUENCED YOUR LIFE THE MOST. That is to say, ten movies that have shaped you as a person and a movie lover.

    Feel free to split it up if you'd like. I'll make some BANNERS soon.